The handwash kit consists of 3 complementary products: a jerry can (with support), a paper dispenser and a liquid soap dispenser.

It is an essential set for frequent hand washing as recommended by the anti-viral safety instructions.

The jerry can with tap is fitted with a metal support. It takes up little space and fits easily in the back of your utility vehicle. It will accompany you during all your travels and allows you to always have at your disposal ten liters of water, always available if necessary.

The paper dispenser is designed to hold the hand towel rolls. It makes it easier to pick up paper and is equipped with a manual cutting system.

The soap dispenser (liquid soap not supplied with the kit) integrated into your van is a very practical device allowing the user to wash his hands at the end of the interventions.

This kit installs very easily in your van.

If the vehicle is fitted with a basket, you can open the door even if the basket is rested on its support.

The kit is delivered with the fixing lugs and all the necessary screws for the installation.

A hand towel roll is included in the Kit.

Liquid soap is not supplied with the soap dispenser.

Delivery time: 2 weeks